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The euro and standardization

  • An Irishman’s Diary, from The Irish Times, by Kevin Myers (2002-07-24)
  • An article from the Chicago Tribune, by Tom Mudd (2002-06-26)
  • New! President of the European Parliament Pat Cox’s response to the open letter (2002-05-30)
  • An article in support of the open letter, in Magill, Ireland's current affairs monthly (2002-05, p. 61)
  • New! The Minister for Finance’s response to the open letter (2002-04-17)
  • New! Director General for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission Klaus Regling’s response to the open letter (2002-04-12)
  • An open letter to the Irish Minister for Finance, Charlie McCreevy, calling on him to issue a statement to the editors of Ireland’s newspapers, broadcast media, banks, and government departments, to encourage the use of the natural plurals euros and cents in English and Irish. (2002-03-22)

  • An interview about the plural of euro in English in Ireland, on the Breakfast Show with Ian Dempsey, 2002-01-25, 07:45. Today FM, 100-102 MhZ.
  • Formatting the euro sign. How to use the currency symbol in different European locales.
  • Euro or eora? Cent or ceint? The new currency and Ireland. (en)
  • Euroeora? Centceint? An t-airgeadra nua agus Éire. (ga)
  • Euro o eora? Cent o ceint? La nuova moneta e l’Irlanda. (it)
  • A discussion of the name of the euro in European languages , both official and unofficial.

  • On the unsuitability of the name of the euro. An essay I wrote in 1997 about the problems we could expect as regards pronunciation and grammar of the morpheme. Little did I realize....
  • A discussion of glyph shape variation and the euro. One of the earliest discussions of typographic variation, written in 1996 shortly after the introduction of the euro sign.
  • Some typographers discuss the euro.
  • Final text for ISO/IEC 8859: Latin alphabet No. 9
  • Texte final pour ISO/CEI 8859: alphabet latin n° 9
  • Final proposal for the placement of the EURO SIGN on computer keybords and similar information processing equipment. By Lazaros Tossounidis, CEC Informatics Directorate, Office Systems and Technical Support. In PDF format. 1997-10-07
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