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Title: Roadmap to the ConScript Unicode Registry

Source: Michael Everson
Status: Expert contribution
Action: For information to interested parties

The following tables comprise a roadmap to the proposed Private Use allocations of the ConScript Unicode Registry. Since for many of these scripts publicly-available fonts exist on the internet, it seems that users might be served by encoding at least some of them in the SMP of the UCS. To print this document I set the print percentage to 90% as the tables are wider than A4 or US Letter paper. Colour conventions: Black means a complete and registered script; blue means a script whose proposal is considered to be relatively stable; red means a preliminary proposal draft is available.

0123 4567 89AB CDEF
E0 Tengwar Cirth
E1 Engsvanyáli Kinya Ilianore Syai
E2 Verdurian aUI Amman-Iar Streich Xaîni
E3 Mizarian Zírí:nka Sarkai Thelwik Olaetyan
E4 Nísklôz Kazat Akk. Kazvarad Zarkhánd Røzhxh Serivelna Kelwathi
E5 Saklor Rynnan Alzetjan Telarasso Ssûraki Gargoyle Ophidian
E6 Ferengi Seuss ??? Ewellic ??? ??? ???
E7 ??? Unifon Solresol Visible-Speech
E8 Monofon ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
E9 ???
EA ???
EB ???
EC ???
ED ???
EE ???
EF ??? Reserved for encoding hacks
F0 Reserved for font hacks
F1 Reserved for font hacks
F2 Reserved for font hacks
F3 Reserved for font hacks
F4 Reserved for font hacks
F5 Reserved for font hacks
F6 Reserved for font hacks
F7 Reserved for font hacks
F8 Reserved for Apple hacks Aiha (Kesh) Klingon

0123 4567 89AB CDEF
F00 Kinya Syllables
F01 Kinya Syllables
F02 Kinya Syllables
F03 Kinya Syllables
F04 Kinya Syllables
F05 Kinya Syllables
F06 Kinya Syllables
F07 Kinya Syllables
F08 Kinya Syllables
F09 Kinya Syllables
F0A Kinya Syllables
F0B Kinya Syllables
F0C Kinya Syllables
F0D Kinya Syllables
F0E Kinya Syllables Pikto
F0F Pikto
F10 Pikto
F11 Pikto
F12 Pikto
F13 Pikto
F14 Pikto
F15 Pikto
F16 Pikto ???
F.. ...
FFF ???
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