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About the Pangururan font

Pangururan is a created using glyphs designed by Uli Kozok to give Unicode support to the newly-encoded Batak script. As of 2013-08-28, a beta version 1.0.5 has been posted. Its Latin glyphs are taken from Deja Vu Sans.

Batak requires OpenType features to display some of its features correctly. In particular the handling of syllables with final consonants requires special treatment. In the table below, consonants are given with vowel signs, and examples of valid and invalid sequences with regard to the representation of final consonants is given.

ConsonantVowelResultValid finalInvalid final
  * Download Pangururan Mac OS X, for Linux, or for Windows (.ttf format)
* Pangururan software licence

Install and use a Batak keyboard layout

A QWERTY-based keyboard layout, which is optimized for English-language typists, is currently available for the Mac OS. You can download a PDF file describing this Batak keyboard layout. If versions of this specification are made available for Linux or Windows, I will be happy to host them here.

Installing a Batak keyboard layout on the Mac OS

  1. Download the Mac OS Batak keyboard layout package. (The files are inside the folder “Batak-Mac-Keylayout”, which is compressed in .zip format.)
  2. Install the keyboard layout by dragging it (the .keylayout and the .icns files, not their enclosing folder) to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts.
  3. To use a keyboard layout, activate it at System Preferences > International > Input Menu.

My thanks to Uli Kozok for making his Batak glyphs available.

Pangururan is free, and its initial development costs were funded by the Wikimedia Foundation. But if you really love it and want to support its future development, you can make a donation by Paypal:

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