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KernSpell is a free Cornish language spelling checker. Intended for students, teachers, lecturers, journalists and everyone who writes in Cornish on the Macintosh. KernSpell makes it easy to find and correct common spelling mistakes. KernSpell implements Unified Cornish Revised (UCR) orthography.

KernSpell works with a number of word-processors. With Microsoft Word, for instance, any word that isn't spelt correctly in Cornish or English simply appears with a red line underneath it, as the screenshot below shows:


And if you're not sure of how a word should be spelt, just control-click on it and a list of close matches will appear:


Drawing on a database of more than 240,000 words of text, this version of KernSpell (version 1) contains over 10,000 entries that cover the most frequent grammatical variations of many common Cornish words. The database is maintained by Michael Everson. New words can be added to the original list with only a couple of mouse clicks. Write to me if you want me to add one of your UCR documents to the database that will be used to prepare the next version. (Please don't just send me the files. Write to me first.)

KernSpell can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

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