[Kadam] Use of English

Hermann Philipps hphilipps at onlinehome.de
Tue Mar 19 09:23:39 GMT 2013

Dear Kadämans,
I couldn't help noticing that not much is happening inside the Kadäm 
There may be several reasons for this resounding silence.
One of them probably is the obligatory use of Volapük.
It does not seem to be quite so easy to achieve a degree of fluency in 
Volapük worth the name.
So, although we should all attempt to become fluent in Volapük, I 
suggest that the use of English should also be allowed as a temporary 
means for communication within the Kadäm.

Naturally I can only speak for myself. At times, when I wanted to 
communicate about certain matters, I started in Volapük ... and gave 
it up because of the tedium involved with rendering matters in our 
language. Too many words which needed looking up, too many notions not 
readily at hand in the dictionaries -- my Volapük still isn't up to 
any higher level of communication without spending very much time in 
tedious translation. And I feel that this may well be the case also 
with other members of the Kadäm.

So this is my suggestion. We should breathe more freely and tackle 
Volapük without too many strings attached.

Looking forward to your response,

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