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Dear David,


I am the present ‘Cifal’ [President] of the Sog Bevünetik Volapüka.
Michael Everson is quite right:  because of uncertainties about the future,
because of the certainty of the Grim Reaper, and because of my concern that
the stock of Volapük material that I had acquired for the Society over the
years should find a more premanent home, some years ago I sent that material
to the Esperanto Society of Great Britain in Barlaston.   Michael has given
you the web page.   When I last heard, they had not yet got round to
cataloguing it:  the librarian is very much part-time.


There are other Volapük collections in which you might be interested:
C.D.E.L.I.  http://www.cdeli.org/;    Esperanto Museum Vienna,
http://www.onb.ac.at/ev/esperanto_museum.htm;  Bavarian State Library
3%BCk> &Language=en&query=Volap%C3%BCk;  Reinhard Haupenthal, Edition Iltis
http://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iltis.   The last is particularly informed on
the early history of the language, without being concerned with the language
itself, and has published a German version of the works in Volapük by an
erstwhile ‘Cifal’.    There are some publications in the British Library and
the Guildhall Library in London;  doubtless they are to be found in national
and other public libraries elsewhere:  we need to compile a catalogue of
what there is where.


If you wish to know more about the language, if you have not been there
already, I suggest that you go to http://volapuk.evertype.com/. 


I hope that this information will help you.   You have already found
information points:  do come back if you require further information.   It
would be useful to know the objectives of your interest.


Incidentally, I notice that cryptography occurs in your official title.   I
should mention that Volapük, as most  of the many constucted languages,
would be less successful as a means of hiding messages than the Native
Indian languaged used by the United States in their conflict with Japan.


Best wishes,


Brian Bishop

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