[EversonMono] Using Everson Mono in Windows cmd, bash, and PowerShell

John Hudson tiro at tiro.com
Wed Nov 23 23:54:23 GMT 2016

On 23/11/16 15:15, David Lemon wrote:

> While the work-around John describes should do the trick in this case, 
> I’d still very much like to see code editors stop requiring the 
> monospace bit. It seems to me anyone who’s setting code should be a 
> competent judge of whether his/her font is meeting requirements.

To be clear, the issue is not code editors but terminal emulators. There 
are a few things for which terminal emulators are used that rely on 
fixed pitch glyphs, notably anything involving box and linedraw 
characters. Hence the strict approach to the monospace bit (and also, at 
least in the case of the Windows cmd terminal, as I recall, a character 
set that includes the linedraw and boxdraw characters; we had to add 
these to Consolas to get it to work in that environment).


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