[EversonMono] Using Everson Mono in Windows cmd, bash, and PowerShell

David Lemon lemon at adobe.com
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While the work-around John describes should do the trick in this case, I’d still very much like to see code editors stop requiring the monospace bit. It seems to me anyone who’s setting code should be a competent judge of whether his/her font is meeting requirements.

I encourage complaints to the developers.

There’s a worse conundrum if you’re Japanese. Apparently most Japanese coding fonts use em-width advance for kanji, and 2/3 (or similar) em-width for kana, numbers, and Latin. Sounds a bit odd to me, but it seems to work fine for them. But to do this, these fonts are forced to lie and set the monospace bit.

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On 21/11/16 12:55, Michael Everson wrote:

No, because then Microsoft (and perhaps other vendors) disallows the font because the combining characters (which are zero-width) are not permitted when the monospace bit is checked.

This isn’t my fault. I have suggested that there should be an OpenType bit for monowidth fonts that contain zero-width combining characters, but the people on the OpenType list didn’t seem to be interested.

There is already a mechanism for handling combining mark characters in
OT monospaced fonts:

1. Set width of all glyphs, including combining marks, to standard width.

2. Use GPOS lookup in <mark> feature to collapse width of mark glyphs to

This is the method used in other monospaced fonts employed in terminal
emulators, e.f. Courier New, Consolas, etc.


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