[EversonMono] alef-lamed ligature

John Hudson tiro at tiro.com
Mon Feb 18 18:28:03 GMT 2013

Michael, with what layout feature have you associated the alef-lamed 
ligature? If it is associated with the standard ligatures feature 
(OpenType <liga>), it will be on by default in some software. Gildas 
notes that the ligature does not occur when using the SBL Hebrew font, 
in which the ligature is associated with the discretionary ligature 
feature (OpenType <dlig>). The difference between these features is the 
default state in supporting software: <liga> is on by default but should 
be possible to turn off, while <dlig> is off by default but should be 
possible to turn on. The alef-lamed ligature should be considered a 
discretionary ligature because it has never been a standard feature of 
Hebrew script. [The history of this ligature is fascinating: it was 
borrowed into Hebrew usage from Judaeo-Arabic, where it was originally 
used only to write the definite article al-.]


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