[EversonMono] alef-lamed ligature

Asmus Freytag asmusf at ix.netcom.com
Mon Feb 18 12:24:13 GMT 2013

On 2/17/2013 7:42 PM, Rodger Whitlock wrote:
> On 17 Feb 2013, at 17:01, Gildas Hamel wrote:
>> Is it possible to escape the alef lamed ligature? I prefer to see the separate
>> letters א and ל. I couldn't find any information as to whether I had the
>> choice, however. Any help appreciated.
> Generally speaking, the use of ligatures is controlled by the preferences (or
> "options") within your word processing program. As I understand it, fonts
> merely make ligatures available, but don't force their use.
> If all else fails, try inserting a zero-width space U+200B between the two letters.

Normally, that should be a ZWNJ (zero-width-non-joiner) assuming it's 
supported as intended.


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