[EversonMono] Everson Mono

Carl Glassberg carlglassberg at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 12 19:58:24 GMT 2012

Hello Mr. Everson:

Thanks for enrolling me in the group mail list for your font.

My poor vision problems when programming are eased with Everson mono.

1. In the larger point sizes I need, the font looks exceedingly sharp compared to other fonts. Everson Mono looks real good in Oberon Microsystems BlackBox (Component Pascal) IDE windows or even in Microsoft Notepad. Other fonts get too thick and fuzzy at larger point sizes.

2. Lines of text do not exceed available window width at these large sizes. Other fonts require me to keep them at smaller point sizes so I can view the entire line. Line wrap is not generally used when displaying program text, so this is important.

3. Although your font has no special programming versions of zero "0", one "1", etc., these are sufficiently distinguishable from similar looking letters, that this is not an issue. 
Examples: 1li  O0  5S (one, lower case L, lower case I) (upper case letter "Oh", zero) (five, upper case letter S) 

Carl Glassberg

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