[EversonMono] Everson Mono is now available as a webfont

Chris Lilley chris at w3.org
Tue Jan 10 19:32:16 GMT 2012

On Monday, January 9, 2012, 3:12:21 PM, Michael wrote:

ME> As a birthday present to myself, I've been playing with Everson Mono today.

ME> I'm really rather pleased with this... Today I exported Everson
ME> Mono in .woff format and I have implemented it as a webfont on the
ME> Everson Mono pages. So far, this works on the Safari and iCab
ME> browsers on the Mac, but not in FireFox or Opera.

Its working for me in Firefox (10.0beta).

The font is correctly declared in the stylesheet with the right format. (Its served as text/plain rather than application/font-woff but that does not seem to cause a problem).

I ran one of the woffs (the bold) against the WOFF validator and it passed all the tests (report attached).

There is no metadata though, just a comment on the license in the stylesheet. I can make you a metadata file, if you want,which is included in the woff itself so that the font data and the license always travel together.

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