[EversonMono] Version 6.2.1 released

Stephan Stiller stephan.stiller at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 17:35:10 GMT 2012

> How would I do that? I do not use Linux.

This is software {development / life cycle / release / management} 
terminology. Most notably, the Debian distribution of Linux uses this model:
Their three-step model is really meant for bug fixing and further 
testing, after a so-called feature freeze. In many cases, the release 
dependencies and versioning is more complicated. For example, the Fedora 
distribution of Linux functions as a quasi-testing release platform for 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is regularly branched off of Fedora.

All this doesn't require any Linux knowledge, though – it's just the 
concept that may be incorporated in whatever version management fits 
best. Also, after I wrote my earlier email, I was thinking that 
"testing" might not be the most suitable label; something like 
"development" or "experimental" might fit better. I suppose that one 
could have releases with ordinary version numbers that are strictly 
additive (or fixes to bugs detected after release) and releases with 
version numbers like 6.2.0+exp1, 6.2.0+exp2, ... that indicate that 
experimental additions have been added to 6.2.0, which has only glyph 
assignments that won't change (?). (The experimental additions could be 
numbered strictly sequentially, because to require additivity for 
version numbering for those seems like overkill. I don't know how you 
generate your font and whether you ever change underlying font metrics 
and such; there are version numbering schemes that address such cases, 
but that would also likely be overkill in your case.) Supplying a file 
informing users about unstable codepoint/glyph assignments would be 
useful. Also there is a question of whether experimental versions would 
use a different font name (like "Everson Mono exp" or "EM-6.2.0exp2") so 
that one can do experiments and use stable versions side-by-side. These 
are just ideas.


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