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Shab Levy shablevy at comcast.net
Sun Jul 31 01:49:39 IST 2011


I just joined your forum, having discovered very recently Michael 
Everson's monowidth font. For a short moment I thought that I had a 
solution to my problem: I needed a monoline font, that is, a font made 
of a single line, not an outline loop like normal fonts require so they 
can be used universally. I needed (still do) a font that would have no 
width created by the outline of the font, as narrow as this outline 
might be, but a font composed of single strokes. I was aware of the work 
done by Dr. Hershey years ago. 
and (http://paulbourke.net/dataformats/hershey/) Hershey's font is too 
cumbersome and does not solve the problem for me. Some CAD computer 
programs use single line fonts but these are proprietary to such 
programs and impossible to use as normal fonts outside the programs.

The reason I needed single line characters was because I used a pen 
plotter on a very small area and any "normal" font would be too thick 
for my application. (Because a plotter that is drawing a letter from a 
normal font, has to make the outline of this font, which makes the 
letter too thick.)

Eventually I solved my problem temporarily by creating vector line 
drawings of a simple font but I could not use the keyboard to enter 
characters since my "font" was simply an illustration of a character, 
rather than a regular font.

Although I have given up on a monoline font, I am still interested, 
albeit, mostly academically now, if it is possible to create a single 
line font like this:

Please remember, the sample is made of pictures of characters, it is not 
a real font.

Thank you for your thoughts,

Shab Levy
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