[EversonMono] Is something wrong with Everson Mono's oblique?

Leif Halvard Silli lhs at russisk.no
Tue Nov 9 00:26:31 GMT 2010

Follow-up on:
> Lukas Müllner, Mon, 8 Nov 2010 17:32:22 +0100:

>> still, in safari 5.0.2 the font is just upright regular, not italic. 
>> i got mac os x 10.6.4. i’ve just tested it on two workstations here 
>> in our office. anyone any suggestions?

Now I've tested on Mac OS X 10.6, and found that - unlike OS 10.5 - it 
doesn't work there. *Neither* in Firefox nor in Safari: Firefox 
*appears* to work, however it fails to display the *regular* style - it 
only displays the oblique style. (It displays font-style:normal in a 
oblique font face.) While Safari more or less has the opposite problem 
- it rejects to display the oblique style.  

I think there is some bug in the font: 

On OS X 10.5 Leopard, then both the oblique font as well as the 
regular/normal font shows up in FontBook.app as True Type fonts. 
Whereas in OS X 10.6 SnowLeopard, then the Regular font is listed as 
'OpenType TrueType' font (the 'DejaVu' fonts are combined OpenType 
TrueType fonts as well), whereas the Oblique font is listed as a 
'TrueType' font only. 

I also noticed that the file name of the Oblique font is 
'EversonMonoOblique.ttf' whereas the file name of the Regular font has 
space inside itself - 'Everson Mono.ttf'.

The reason why Firefox and Safari behave differently might perhaps be 
because the one prefers OpenType fonts over TruType, while the other 
prefers TrueType over OpenType?

So, may be the fix is to make sure that both fonts are saved as exactly 
the same kind of font. May be either adding a sapce between 'Everson' 
and 'Mono' for the Oblique font - or removing the space in the regular 
font - could also help.
leif halvard silli

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