[EversonMono] Everson Mono not monospaced

Charles Reilly charles.reilly at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 21:50:58 IST 2010

I installed Everson Mono onto a Windows XP SP3 machine and found that
it wasn't monospaced!  Windows Vista had the same problem.  I was
using plain ASCII text.

After a bit more research I've found that sometimes it's monospaced
and sometimes it isn't.

When applications (e.g. Notepad) use the Uniscribe API for text output
Everson Mono isn't monospaced.  Uniscribe supports more font features
(e.g. font shaping) than the older Windows font rendering APIs.

When applications (e.g. Word 6) don't use Uniscribe the output is monospaced.

However, other monospaced fonts (Courier New and various Chinese
fonts) work fine with Uniscribe so it isn't clear if the fault lies
with Uniscribe or Everson Mono.


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