[EversonMono] Font style using Everson mono font

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Thu Jul 1 12:53:49 IST 2010

On 1 Jul 2010, at 12:02, Alfredo wrote:

> Hi all.

Hi, Alfredo.

> More in detail at the moment I need to use Everson Mono font printing
> strings in a linux O.S. via DirectFB library system. 

That's very nice... I'm curious as to what you are developing.

> Display application requires using font styles (bold, underline, etc.)
> and to get it normally DirectFB library use different font style files:
> for example for Courier font there are specific different files, one for normal font,
> one for bold font, and so on.
> For the moment, reading everson site and also reading related article in wikipedia,
> I think these files are not present for everson mono. 

That's correct.

> Now we are using Everson mono release
> So what could I do to solve problem and get styles also in DirectFB ?

You can try to get me to add oblique and bold and bold-oblique to Everson Mono. ;-)

> Regardless Everson mono style files presence anyway loading font in the my PC (Win7 system) 
> and using standard "word office" application I have seen it is possible (in Word) write something in Everson mono and then apply different styles (bold, underline, and so on).

Right. Some applications "fake" these styles and some cannot. 

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