[EversonMono] Boxdrawing characters

John Hudson tiro at tiro.com
Fri Jan 1 00:19:32 GMT 2010

Asmus wrote:

> W/o taking the time to check my memory, I dimly remember that there is 
> an OS/2 metrics for "external"
> leading, i.e. space that should be added outside the character box to 
> get default line separation.
> If that's non-zero, I would imagine it leads to these gaps, but if you 
> make the glyphs taller they might end up being clipped...

Box draw and related glyph outlines should extend to the full height of 
the OS/2 WinAscent+WinDescent (or Typo...Ascender+LineGap+Descender if 
using fsSelection bit 7 in a version 4 OS/2 table, which I doubt is the 
case in EversonMono). These metrics determine the non-clipping zone and 
also, in almost all Windows applications, the default vertical linespacing.


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