[EversonMono] Boxdrawing characters

Asmus Freytag asmusf at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jan 1 00:10:51 GMT 2010

I don't know about more separation, but the characters should definitely 
connect so that you can draw boxes in plain text.
That's their design point, at least.
If achieving that result requires tweaking global font metrics, I would 
suggest leaving things as they are.
W/o taking the time to check my memory, I dimly remember that there is 
an OS/2 metrics for "external"
leading, i.e. space that should be added outside the character box to 
get default line separation.
If that's non-zero, I would imagine it leads to these gaps, but if you 
make the glyphs taller they might end up being clipped...
(Someone will correct my, if I misremember things here, I hope, or, 
otherwise, confirm).

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