[EversonMono] Everson Mono error?

John Hudson tiro at tiro.com
Sun Sep 20 22:27:45 IST 2009

> On 20 Sep 2009, at 10:49, Nicholas Shanks wrote:

>> In Everson Mono, why does the glyph COMBINING GREEK PERISPOMENI look 
>> like a tilde? (And differ from the non-combining glyph in the same font?)

>> I assume the semi-circular glyph is correct.

The inverted breve form is a British classicist innovation that first 
appears, tyographically, in the famous Porson Greek type, which remains 
a standard for much Anglo-American scholarship in part because of its 
use in the ubiquitous Lobe Classics series. I've long assumed this shape 
to be simply an abbreviated form of the tilde-like perispomeni, copied 
from Porson's handwriting. The tilde-like form is the historical norm, 
and I believe remains the common form everywhere except Anglo-American 

John Hudson

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