[EversonMono] Identical glyphs

Henrique Peron hperon at terra.com.br
Thu Oct 1 07:25:54 IST 2009

Dia Duit Mr. Everson,

I've downloaded and installed Everson Mono TTF font. While I  
appreciate its easyness to read even on small sizes, I must tell you  
that georgian letters "U+2D1B GEORGIAN SMALL LETTER JIL" and "U+2D25  
GEORGIAN SMALL LETTER HOE" are identical in shape in your font. I've  
checked the Unicode consortium's PDF file on the Unicode's repertoire  
(v5.10) and I noticed that, in fact, the georgian small letter jil has  
a different shape.

I do enjoy studying languages and scripts and I hope you don't mind  
that I have bothered you with my observation. As a matter of fact, I  
found other discrepancies which I feel I should point out but I just  
don't remember them right now. I could recheck all of Everson Mono's  
characters and if I found those discrepancies again, I could point  
them out to you - provided that you would like me to help.

I'm myself the codepage (and keyboard layout) editor for FreeDOS (www.freedos.org 
). Perhaps you would like to take a peek at it; any suggestions and/or  
criticisms would be welcome. In case you don't feel confortable on  
clicking the link above, you could google "Henrique Peron FreeDOS". :-)

Have a nice day,
Henrique Peron

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