[EversonMono] Everson Mono: mac os: mozilla mac os x 10.5 yiddish hebrew test

Mark H. David mhd at yv.org
Fri Mar 13 04:23:54 GMT 2009

OK, but I'm curious: what causes the proper horizontal placement of 
diacritics evident
for the most part with, e.g., Lucida Grande, New Peninim MT, and Raanana?

John Hudson wrote:
>> Since you brought it up, and seem extremely knowledgeable, do you have
>> any theory off the top of your head as to why Ezra SIL horizontal 
>> placement
>> of vowel points (nonspacing marks) is mostly wrong on Mac OS X?  I 
>> realize
>> it's off topic (i.e., a non-Everson font), sorry.
> For the same reasons it is mostly wrong for Ezra SIL SR and SBL 
> Hebrew: Mac OS does not provide any system level equivalent to Windows 
> Uniscribe, i.e. dedicated script engines that handle layout and 
> display for complex scripts and conformant OpenType fonts. Such 
> OpenType Layout support that is available on the Mac is provided only 
> by third-party applications with their own or open-source text 
> engines, e.g. the Mellel word processor, Mid-East versions of Adobe 
> applications, SIL's XeTeX.
> I do know that Apple are working on improving their OpenType support, 
> including that for complex scripts, but they are lagging far behind 
> Windows and even Linux.
> J.
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