[EversonMono] Everson Mono: mac os: mozilla mac os x 10.5 yiddish hebrew test

John Hudson tiro at tiro.com
Fri Mar 13 04:13:17 GMT 2009

> Since you brought it up, and seem extremely knowledgeable, do you have
> any theory off the top of your head as to why Ezra SIL horizontal placement
> of vowel points (nonspacing marks) is mostly wrong on Mac OS X?  I realize
> it's off topic (i.e., a non-Everson font), sorry.

For the same reasons it is mostly wrong for Ezra SIL SR and SBL Hebrew: 
Mac OS does not provide any system level equivalent to Windows 
Uniscribe, i.e. dedicated script engines that handle layout and display 
for complex scripts and conformant OpenType fonts. Such OpenType Layout 
support that is available on the Mac is provided only by third-party 
applications with their own or open-source text engines, e.g. the Mellel 
word processor, Mid-East versions of Adobe applications, SIL's XeTeX.

I do know that Apple are working on improving their OpenType support, 
including that for complex scripts, but they are lagging far behind 
Windows and even Linux.


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