[EversonMono] everson mono - bugs with Yiddish (Hebrew) with dagesh

Mark H. David mhd at yv.org
Tue Mar 3 21:42:53 GMT 2009

OK, so this doesn't work right on Firefox/MacOS or Nisus Writer Express
on my version of MacOS "Tiger" (10.4.x).

Can someone confirm this?

Can someone readily try this with the other main browsers, Opera and Safari?

Can someone find out if this misbehavior happens with current OS "Leopard"

Can someone find out if there are other character combinations that
do this kind of substitution, and if they manifest the problem, and
report a few sample cases?  Ideally in some widely known Western
language.  How about a+umlaut, for example?

Does someone know whether the renderer for all the failing cases
is common, and what that renderer is, and how to file a bug for it?

I usually only have access to one mac when my wife & kids don't need it.
I guess I could visit the Apple store if I have to.

Anyhow, I'll try to fill this info out as far as possible.  I'd like
to see this fixed (if it's not already in the "future" release).


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On 3 Mar 2009, at 01:49, Mark H. David wrote:

> I'm sure it's not just random placement. I noticed the dots were  
> placed perfectly,
> which I thought was suspicious.

Sounds to me as though an engine (or something) is making bad  


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