[EversonMono] everson mono - bugs with Yiddish (Hebrew) with dagesh

John Hudson tiro at tiro.com
Tue Mar 3 01:21:20 GMT 2009

Mark H. David wrote:

> OK, I think I've got a description that precisely accounts for all the 
> problems: the dagesh is combined with the base character *following* its 
> base character, and the base character is rendered unadorned (without 
> dagesh) and the following base character has the corresponding 
> char+dagesh character from FBxx (alpahabetic presentation forms Unicode 
> range) rendered in its place.

It is possible that what you are seeing is not actually combination of 
the mark with the following base, but merely a blind offset to the left, 
causing the mark to appear as if combined with the following letter. 
That could happen if a layout engine simply has no idea what to do with 
the dagesh at all, is not performing character-level substitution of 
Aphabetic Presentation Forms, is not performing OT GSUB ligation, and is 
not performing OT GPOS dynamic positioning. If this is that case, you 
will see a similar offset onto a following letter even if that letter is 
not one that normally takes dagesh.

I'm afraid I have deleted your initial mail on this subject. Could you 
provide a screenshot showing the problem?

If the font is behaving correctly in Mellel, as I believe you indicated 
previously, then I think you can be reasonably sure that the bug is not 
in the font.

John Hudson

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