[EversonMono] everson mono - bugs with Yiddish (Hebrew) with dagesh

Mark H. David mhd at yv.org
Sun Mar 1 11:11:25 GMT 2009

Thanks for your interest and responsiveness.

I'm not really sure I follow your theory, but hopefully you're in the  
best position to investigate that.

A couple more things:

I've found that this works fine on Windows in Firefox, and know of  
know cases where it fails on Windows.

I have also learned that other fonts on MacOS share this trait of  
working in Mellel but not working in Nisus Writer Express or  
Firefox.  An example is the Ezra SIL font.  In the OpenType wiki, it  
says that Mellel fully supports OpenType on Mac OS X, and it seems  
unique among common applications in doing so.



On Sun, Mar 1, 2009, at 5:07 AM, Michael Everson wrote:

> Hi Mark. Thanks for your interesting bug. You are one person who  
> took an interest in Everson Mono long ago, I remember!
>>> Hi!  As the enclosed should show, the placement of dagesh is not  
>>> being done correctly with Everson Mono in most applications.  
>>> Basically, on Firefox and Nisus Writer Express, the dagesh  
>>> ("dot") appears in the next character over (to the left), placed  
>>> pretty well in fact, as though done intentionally.  For some  
>>> reason, MELLEL does it correctly.  I have some PDF's showing how  
>>> it looks in your font vs. one that's working in this regard  
>>> (Arial Hebrew).
>>> Known bug?  Do you need more info?  Hopefully, you can readily  
>>> reproduce this, but let me know if you need help.
> I suspect that this is because of an error in ligation where I link  
> base characters + dagesh to the characters in the Alphabetic  
> Presentation Forms block. I'll look.
> (If it's not that, I can't really imagine what it would be.
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