[EversonMono] everson mono - bugs with Yiddish (Hebrew) with dagesh

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Mar 1 10:07:10 GMT 2009

Hi Mark. Thanks for your interesting bug. You are one person who took  
an interest in Everson Mono long ago, I remember!

>> Hi!  As the enclosed should show, the placement of dagesh is not  
>> being done correctly with Everson Mono in most applications.  
>> Basically, on Firefox and Nisus Writer Express, the dagesh ("dot")  
>> appears in the next character over (to the left), placed pretty  
>> well in fact, as though done intentionally.  For some reason,  
>> MELLEL does it correctly.  I have some PDF's showing how it looks  
>> in your font vs. one that's working in this regard (Arial Hebrew).
>> Known bug?  Do you need more info?  Hopefully, you can readily  
>> reproduce this, but let me know if you need help.

I suspect that this is because of an error in ligation where I link  
base characters + dagesh to the characters in the Alphabetic  
Presentation Forms block. I'll look.

(If it's not that, I can't really imagine what it would be.

Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com

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