[EversonMono] Boxdrawing characters

Timothy Cook z993126 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 13:45:29 GMT 2009

I know I brought this up previously, with uncertain conclusion reached
regarding if it's even a solvable problem.  I am using Windows Vista SP1,
with cleartype enabled.  I am working on a project that involves using both
boxdrawing and astronomy-related dingbat characters, and fonts that contain
both are exceedingly rare--I have four:  DejaVu Sans Mono, Everson Mono,
MSGothic, and MSMincho.

The only one of these that renders the boxdrawings correctly on my system is
DejaVu Sans Mono (see attached image).

EversonMono's only fault in the display seems to be extra vertical space
between rows of text.  Can this be corrected?  (A more distinct separation
between the two lines in those characters would be nice, too.)

Tim Cook
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