[EversonMono] Swap half circles

John Hudson tiro at tiro.com
Tue Dec 9 03:24:56 GMT 2008

John H. Jenkins wrote:

>  From playing with Courier and Monaco, squeezing two letters into one em 
> looks squashed, and spreading actual ligatures over two ems looks 
> stretched.  Either result is ugly.  Personally, I'd suggest that a 
> monospaced font should include the ligatures and digraphs explicitly 
> encoded in Unicode, but not provide support for ligation via OpenType or 
> AAT.

That's generally been our approach in monospaced fonts. Another method, 
if one really wanted visually ligating letters in a monospaced font, 
would be to use contextually substituted letters with appropriately 
designed connecting features. This is a method I use almost exclusively 
now, as it enables ligation of diacritic instances of many letters 
without requiring many hundreds of ligatures (as a parallel, consider 
Tom Milo's approach to Arabic, which uses no ligature glyphs). See 
attached example.

This approach can also work together with the encoded ligatures, since 
these can be decomposed to their underlying letters and displayed using 
the connecting forms.

John Hudson
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