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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Dec 7 12:47:00 GMT 2008

On 7 Dec 2008, at 12:31, Yannis Haralambous wrote:
>> Fraktur typewriters had "ch" and other ligatures, didn't they?
> I took a picture of my Fraktur typewriter for you.

Lovely, absolutely lovely. I'm still looking for a Gaelic typewriter  

> It has only the ch ligature (and ß, if we can call it a ligature).  
> It misses all the other ligatures. For some reason "ch" was  
> considered as more important (although, IMHO, "ck" is just as  
> important as "ch"...).

Of course Unicode has neither "ch" nor "ck" ligatures.

>> I guess I was thinking of the question of adding support for the  
>> ligatures that are at U+FB00..FB06 and the Armenian ones in the  
>> same block. I guess if I do I should make them discretionary rather  
>> than standard ligatures.
> Those of Armenian are certainly very important, since they are more  
> than just "bringing the glyphs closer", in fact they make glyphs  
> juggle into something entirely new. I think they are necessary for  
> every Armenian font.

I agree, though they aren't particularly splendid squeezed into a  
monowidth em of 575. Of course one response to that is to use an em of  
1050; I have done that with Linear B for instance.

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