[EversonMono] It's a nice font, but...

Benjamin M Scarborough benjamin.scarborough at student.utdallas.edu
Wed Aug 13 06:33:54 IST 2008

I have to admit, I really like the new version of Everson Mono. It's a 
nice, aesthetically pleasing font that fills in the more disappointing 
gaps in my computer's support of Unicode.

My sole complaint is that it doesn't support the Ancient Symbols block 
(U+10190..U+101CF). It's curious, though, as the block currently 
contains only distinctly Roman characters, and Everson Mono otherwise 
appears to have complete (non-mathematical) coverage of the Latin 

Of course, when something small like that is my sole complaint, it must 
mean that the font is pretty good. I even noticed that it had a few 
characters like U+0524 supported before being published in a new 
version of Unicode.

--Ben Scarborough

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