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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Thu Aug 7 08:28:24 IST 2008

On 7 Aug 2008, at 03:41, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

> I'm not saying that you should use it on Linux. The software is also  
> available for MS Windows and Mac OS.

Obviously I would not use it under Windows. And in the Mac OS it is  
not available except under the X11 Linux interface.

>> The restriction is, indeed, stupid, but I understand that this may  
>> change in a future release.
> Keeping fingers crossed gets you nowhere you know.

Adam has suggested that this on the ATypi discussion list I believe.

> That restriction is intentional it seems (what we call "Defective By  
> Design"), and I guess it's for pushing people to buy their next  
> level software (I can't remember the name of FontLab products, but  
> if I recall correctly, the
> East Asian version does not have that restriction).

Asia Font Studio does not have that restriction, and is very  
expensive, and is really like a version of FontLab 4 rather than  
FontLab 5. I'm not tempted t buy it because I don't do Asian fonts and  
because FontLab 5 is better than FontLab 4.

> I don't think you really need a software conforming to Apple Human  
> Interface Guidelines (I don't know if FontLab does that either) for  
> just packaging your font.

You're a Linux programmer. Of course you might not feel that an  
acceptable GUI is necessary.

> You need a software that has less bugs (FontForge),


> conforms better to the OpenType etc specifications (FontForge),


> and has a better user interface for OpenType etc tables (FontForge).

Citation? You've used FontLab's tables?

I'm sure FontForge is admirable and that I know that you have used it  
for Arabic. (I do wish there were recipes out there for creating  
Arabic fonts... particularly as someone wants monowidth Arabic support  
in EMono.)

>> I don't really have any problem paying for software either.
> Yes, but you are not super-rich either. Being gratis helps one try  
> the software without worrying about the price.

I tried it.

>> That's nice. Where's the OS X version?
> Here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=103338&package_id=111040

Oh, how I hate Linux and the whole "Programmers can do it themselves!"  
ethos. That page, of course, is not user-friendly in terms of  
identifying which package I should download. It turns out that it was  
this one...


... but the lack of guidance is a splendid example of the programmist  
élitism that Linux users have. It's wonderful that many people can  
compile a binary, or even know what that means. Those of us -- even  
smart guys like me -- who are not programmers really don't relate to  
this subculture.

> There also seems to be some installation instructions here:
> http://fontforge.sourceforge.net/mac-install.html

I installed it. Actually I installed the Tiger one first and then re- 
installed the Leopard one over it. In any case, I opened it in X11 and  
it looked like an OS 9 app. I did some clicking here and there, and  
ended up with a nice screen freeze.

You get what you pay for. Free software is great....

I tried to export my font. It failed for one reason or another.  
Perhaps the screen freeze? It started giving me advice about glyph  
errors and then froze. Should I be inclined to invest a lot of time in  
FontForge now?

>> I certainly intend to continue to use Fontographer to draw my glyphs.
> That seems to be a good idea.

Oh my, yes! I love Fontographer.

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