[EversonMono] Everson Mono updated

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Aug 6 16:31:05 IST 2008

On 6 Aug 2008, at 16:11, Zuo Jiawu wrote:

> It would appear that I am on your mailing list because of the  
> following message sent you in November 2007.

That's right.

> The interesting thing is that the message was never replied to or  
> acknowleged, and so I simply assumed it has not been received.

I can apologize for this and for every other person whose message I  
was not able to respond to... but only here, just this once. I am  
incredibly busy doing my encoding work.

> I like Everson Mono very much indeed but am more and more unable to  
> use it because of the various letters it doesn't contain. Is there  
> hope of your updating it to take into account what has gone into  
> Unicode (esp phonetic symbols) since its first appearance?

The new version has a great many new characters in it.

> There is great need for a monowidth  font for Arabic including the  
> letters in Arabic Supplement.

Everson Mono does not at this time support Arabic shaping. I would  
like to add this functionality, but it would be difficult to do so  
multi-platform. I did design some Arabic glyphs for Everson Mono many  
years ago.... but shaping behaviour is by no means easy.

> The H, K, Z with descender from the long since disused Latinised  
> Uyghur have finally been put into Unicode, and it's a good thing. I  
> wonder, though, when someone will give attention to the 'tailed' Z  
> of 1932-1953 Latinised Dungan. (Properly it had z̦ c̦ ș , with  
> cedilla sometimes substituted for comma.)

If you can supply me with information about this, I can look into  
encoding it. Though from what you say, isn't combining-comma-below  

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