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Dear Mr Everson:
It would appear that I am on your mailing list because of the following message sent you in November 2007. The interesting thing is that the message was never replied to or acknowleged, and so I simply assumed it has not been received.
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Dear Mr Everson:
I like Everson Mono very much indeed but am more and more unable to use it because of the various letters it doesn't contain. Is there hope of your updating it to take into account what has gone into Unicode (esp phonetic symbols) since its first appearance?
There is great need for a monowidth  font for Arabic including the letters in Arabic Supplement. 
For example, in my case, I need to type Arabic-script Chinese (Xiaojing or Xiao'erjin wenzi). This requires clearly visible vowel diacritics, frequent use of the letter ARABIC LETTER KEHEH WITH THREE DOTS ABOVE etc, etc. In principle, the SIL fonts Scheherazade and Lateef accomplish this; but, they are much too regionalist (South Asian) in appearance and on top of that are terribly small -- all in all, not easy to read.
The H, K, Z with descender from the long since disused Latinised Uyghur have finally been put into Unicode, and it's a good thing. I wonder, though, when someone will give attention to the 'tailed' Z of 1932-1953 Latinised Dungan. (Properly it had z̦ c̦ ș , with cedilla sometimes substituted for comma.)
ZUO Jiawu

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  Dear colleagues,

  One gets busy. At long last however I have been able to fix some of the bugs in Everson Mono (longstanding as they were, alas), and to complete character support for a number of new characters (new Latin and Cyrillic characters for instance). Everson Mono also has a good bit of SMP support for scripts.

  There's also a new discussion list for Everson Mono. If you'd written to me between 1995 and today, I've probably subscribed you to it. :-) If you don't like that :-( I can easily remove you from it if you let me know.

  Why have I turned back to Everson Mono just now? Because I've taken the Great Leap away from Eudora to Apple Mail, and I needed my font to work. It does. 

  The current version is 5.101.

  Yours in monowidth,
  Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com


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