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jI’ojtaH nuqvaD?

What do I thirst for?

maqettaH. DebDaq maqettaH ’ej bIQ manejtaH.
’Iwmaj pubtaH Hov.
bIQ vIjatlaH. So’lu’pu’ lan peghDaq,
’a pegh vISov.
bIQ nejwI’ ghaH may’wI’:
may’ teH ghaH may’wI’ tIqDaq.
teH Dunbej law’qu’ ’ach lutmey Dunlaw’ puS.
jIchargh’eghtaH je.
We run. Through the desert we run, and look for water.
The sun boils our blood.
I can taste the water. It is hidden in a secret place,
but I know the secret.
Who seeks the water is a warrior:
the true battle is in the warrior’s heart.
Legends are said to be great, but truth is greater indeed.
If I am battling myself,
I am conquering too.
boqwIj ’oH Hal boqmaj.
Sov’eghbogh HoS,
’ej tammoH Qo’bogh tun.
DaH pungbe’ ’Iw chuS QoywIjDaq
yuv tammoH ’ej chuSDaq jIQoy.
tujtaHbogh SuS ’ej tomtaHbogh qemtaH jev,
’ej jI’ojtaH. bIQ vIneQtaHbogh ’oH ’Iw.
yIn Hegh je SuvDaq jIlegh’egh.
may’ rInbe’qu’.
’oH wIjeylaHbe’bogh maSuvtaH.
boqvamDaq che’bejtaH roj,
’ej veSmaj maSuvbejtaH poHpu’ poHDaq.
My alliance is the source of our alliance.
There is strength in knowing oneself,
and softness in refusing the silence.
Now silence pushes unrelenting
against the rush of blood in my ears
and in the roar I hear it.
The storm brings a wind which is hot and quiet,
and I thirst. The water I want is blood.
In life and death’s struggle I see myself:
The battle is unending.
We fight the undefeatable.
In this alliance peace will reign,
and our war will go on forever.
Michael Everson
Los Angeles, 1988-04-04

tlhIngan Hol yejHaDDaq yIjaH KLI
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