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Musha Everson, 1992-05-04 – 2008-05-07

My cat, Musha, whose name is Sanskrit for ‘mouse’, photographed by my friend Martin Jennings in Dublin in 1992. He was a few months old when this was taken.


Here he is in Sutton at 10 years of age in 2002, enjoying the sun on a Persian carpet from Nā’in.


Here he is in January 2008, aged 15 years 8 months. A month previously he had been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. Here he is a bit gaunt, though he put on more weight between January and April. Alas his illness got the better of him. We might have tried massive antibiotics to try to heal his mouth ulcers (which were pretty acute) and an IV drip, but there'd be no guarantee of success even in the short term and eventually we would be back again for more of the same. My partner and I pet him as he went to sleep after the first injection, and then as he passed on after the second. So at 18:00 on Wednesday 7 May, we helped him on his way. We were home by 18:30 and I stopped the clock, to symbolize that time had stopped for Musha. Then on Thursday 8 May at about the same time we brought him down to our friend and neighbour Rosey's garden, within sight of Clew Bay. On his grave Rosey planted blue forget-me-nots and some other white flowers. Later on we will plant a rowan tree there. At 18:35 on Thursday I started the clock again.


Many people have written to me in condolence about Musha:
  • 16 years is a good span for a cat but it is still too short. Poor kitty. L.M.
  • Hello Michael, I received your text that Musha passed away, I am so sorry, please accept my heart felt condolence to you. Take care my friend. Love, M.H.
  • Sorry to hear of your loss of a beloved furry friend—we have a pair of siblings in the family, tom tabbies they are, and much cherished. E.F.C.
  • So sorry to hear about your dear close personal pet/friend that entered a rewarding area of our world. At least you were with him. I.C.P.
  • I’m very sorry to hear about Musha. I know how fond you were of him when you and Anna were exchanging tales of your felines. I’m glad he went peacefully, though, and you were home. D.A.
  • I'm sorry about your feline friend. P.M.S.
  • I am so sorry that you have said your final goodbye to Musha. I hope that you will soon be able to remember happier times with him and smile at the knowledge that he had a good life with you. A.
  • I am so sorry to hear about Musha—what a handsome boy he is! Something that helped me with the grief is a saying I found: “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.” J. & D.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss, sounds like Musha was a great companion, and a very beautiful looking kitty. You gave Musha a beautiful burial. I hope you can find some solice and peace. My thoughts are with you. G.F.
  • I was saddened to read that Musha has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was a very handsome fellow. We love them, care for them and in the end let them go. Musha knew you cared deeply for him. You have given him a fitting memorial for his final resting place. S.P.T.
  • Your tribute to Musha is wonderfully touching—both the description of his last moments with you (how many from the CRF list will relive such moments of their own when reading it!) and the celebration of his life in the pictures. The recent picture has an expression that I have come to associate with days of fading strength: there is a bonding that takes place that, after all is done, remains such a poignant memory. Musha was a lucky cat to find you. Sanskrit for ‘mouse’ is it? I found a kitten with a badly broken leg in the heart of Baltimore—at first, I called him ‘Mouse’, but the leg never mended properly (the pin slipped during healing) and he remained lame—so his name became Timur, for another lame fellow. Aka Timmy. He was about 14 when I lost him to CRF after a two-year battle. They are gifts to us, these little fellows, and we try to deserve that gift. You certainly did. R.
  • SweetMusha rest in peace. Michael I'm so so sorry. He's gorgeous. May sweet memories somehow ease the pain. Deepest sympathy. J.D.
  • I am so sorry about Musha. He was such a beautiful kitty. Please know that he was always aware of your presence in his life and the security of having your love and care all those years. We will light a candle tomorrow in Musha's memory. May he rest in eternal peace. With deepest sympathy, L.
  • So sorry for your loss. Musha was a beautiful cat, and obviously (from his pictures ) happy and hopefully spoiled! The grieving is hard. The intensity does lessen with time, but I find there are still plenty of times the tears and sobbing catch me unaware (having just lost the two loves of my life, on 17 March & 5 April). It seems that the people who best understand the pain are those who have gone through it. Musha is probably happy and content now, and may in some way let you know that. You surely did the very best for him. And the price for loving someone this much is the anguish of missing them. Sending comforting hugs your way, C.
  • I'm so very sorry to hear this sad news )-: I know your heart is breaking but you did your best for Musha, and he knows that and loves you for it. I know you miss your handsome boy desperately. Please take gentle care of yourself and try to get through this a day at a time. Comforts, C.
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