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Desert day

Another day has passed,
hours moving fast and yet
they crawled along so slowly.
The burning, scorching heat
that seems to hate has faded;
the clouds, they dance with lightning.
The softness of the breeze,
touching hair and naked skin,
wafts earthy scents and warmness,
cooling, for they bring night.
Lightning kisses mountaintop
with desert's silent thunder.
Today the sun rose bright and quick
upon the buzzing, chirping
desert, hotly loving as
the morning became day.
Lizards lounging in the sun,
too warm to think of chasing
dinner -- or lizard-love.
Sun-imposed quietness
teaches everything to hear:
listen, Life is singing.
Music changes as the sun
moves westward to start the winds.
They hum their melodies
through grass and cactus, bringing
pause, a moment taking breath,
till disappointing heat
reminds that still the day reigns,
giving ease but not escape.
Yet still the sun makes winds
which, blowing hotly, return
the knowledge and the hope that
evening's respite is near.
At last the colors' turning
on sun and sky and clouds
show the symphony's end.
Gold, violet, orange, red:
carress the darkening blue
as the sun finds other
places to warm and fill with
life. Sparse raindrops fall, laughing
as they pretend to cool
though every ear rejoices
at the sound. The scents of night
pervade the moistened air,
which smells of lightning, crisply,
sweetly, hearkening to Spring.
A planet peeking forth,
Venus makes her cool debut;
how sad: her deserts never
enjoy this sweet relief.
This desert comes alive as
other stars shine out, greeting
animals and cactus
with their friendly flickerings.
Night is come; it's time to play.
Multitude residents
come forth from the ground; their day
at last beginning to be.

Michael Everson
Tucson, Arizona, 1983-06
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