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And she said

...and she said
that Love is ruthless
and she said
that when the journey
takes you through
the thickest darkness
it is Love
that hides Its Presence
with no hesitation's pause:--

for she said
that Love is ruthless
yes she said
It is not kind
but she said
that Love is patient
that It waits
in certain stillness
to enfold you in its arms:--

then she said
you know I love you
though you stand
amidst the bleakness
there is Light
behind the Darkness
and she said
if you're courageous
Love will ever hear your calls:--

so she said
if Love is ruthless
this is part
of the agreement
you once made
for your Awak'ning
and she said
this is the promise
if you'll walk the Road of Rose....

Michael Everson
Dublin, 1990-01-29
HTML Michael Everson, Evertype, 73 Woodgrove, Portlaoise, R32 ENP6, Ireland, 2002-09-09

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