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Sadagolthina Gothic font Shareware Licence

Sadagolthina is shareware. If you use it, support its development by buying a licence to do so. The shareware fee for using one or more than one (that is, any or all) of these Unicode-supporting coded font programs is €10.00. The licence gives you the right to use these fonts on three CPUs and three CPUs only. (That’s two at the office and one at home, so please don’t complain.) Shareware is not freeware. You may not use Sadagolthina for free.

Your licence is permission to use these fonts; you do not own them and may not alter them in any way whatsoever.

If your company or institution wishes to license Sadagolthina for use on many machines or a network, please get in touch with me directly. If your company is interested in licensing Sadagolthina for bundling with your software, please get in touch with me directly.

You can pay your €10.00 shareware fee easily by PayPal:

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