I was very surprised to get off the train in Galway in October 1998 to find that all the street signs had been remade using my font Corcaigh!

Sráid na Céibhe
Sráid na Céibhe * Quay Street

Sráid an Droichid
Sráid an Droichid * Bridge Street

An Baile Meanach Íochtarach
An Baile Meanach Íochtarach * Doiminick Street Lower
The width of the characters has been decreased to get the characters to fit

Sráid Liam
Sráid Liam * William Street

Sráid na Siopaí
Sráid na Siopaí * Shop Street

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Michael Everson, Evertype, Cnoc na Sceiche, Leac an Anfa, Cathair na Mart, Co. Mhaigh Eo, É, 2001-09-21