Dec 14

The recent update of Quark XPress brings with it a nasty error caused by what I guess is some sort of arithmetic problem.

In my Print dialogue settings you can see the document’s metric settings. These are perfectly normal and correct for the size of the book. Or are they?

It turns out that these settings caused the problem. A workaround is to go to QuarkXPress > Preferences… > Print Layout > Meaurements and change from millimetres to inches:

Now, when we return to the Print dialogue, we see what appears to be a rounding error:

But if you manually change these measurements as shown below, you will be able to print a .ps file which will distill using the PDF/X-1a:2001 setting.

“But wait,’ you say, “140mm really is 5.512″, and 216mm really is 8.504″.” That may be so, but previously I was able to use the metric sizes and print to .ps files which would distill properly.

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