Aug 14

I am pleased to announce the release of Rupakara, a font that supports the new INDIAN RUPEE SIGN, as well as the letters used to transliterate Indic scripts into Latin script. I was inspired to make this font available by Unni Koroth of Foradian Technologies, who wrote to describe my work to help encode the character.

The article about the INDIAN RUPEE SIGN on the Hindi edition of the Wikipedia spells my name माइकल ऍवरन Māikal Ĕvaran (though this would be read Māikala Ĕvarana in Sanskrit). Later someone corrected this to ऍवरसन Ĕvarasan and finally to एवर्सन Evarsan.

Unni Koroth blogged a notice about the UTC decision and also blogged an interview with me about Rupakara.

I’ve just learned that tomorrow, 15 August, is India’s Independence day. I am happy to dedicate Rupakara as a gift to India on this auspicious day day.

Follow-up, 22 August: Some folks at the Management Scholars Academy of India have blogged about using Rupakara.

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