Jun 22

Evertype is pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of the translation by Brian Stowell of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in Manx.

From the introduction:

Ta Lewis Carroll ny ennym-penney: she Charles Lutwidge Dodgson va ennym kiart yn ughtar as v’eh ny leaghteyr maddaght ayns Keeill Chreest, Oxford. Hug Dodgson toshiaght da’n skeeal y chiarroo laa Jerrey Souree 1862, tra hie eh er turrys ayns baatey-ymmyrt er yn awin Thames ayns Oxford marish yn Arrymagh Robinson Duckworth, marish Alice Liddell (jeih bleeaney dy eash), inneen Dean Cheeill Chreest, as marish e daa huyr, Lorina (tree bleeaney jeig dy eash), as Edith (hoght bleeaney dy eash. Myr s’baghtal veih’n daan ec toshiaght y lioar, hirr ny tree inneenyn skeeal er Dodgson as dy neuarryltagh hoshiaght ghow eh toshiaght dy insh y chied lhiaggan jeh’n skeeal daue. Shimmey imraaghyn lieh-follit ta jeant my nyn gione fud teks y lioar hene, va currit magh er jerrey ayns 1865.

Shoh y trass chur magh jeh çhyndaays Brian Stowell gys Gailck. Haink y chied chur magh rish ayns 1990; y nah fer ayns 2006 fo’n ennym Ealish ayns Çheer ny Yindyssyn, lesh jallooyn liorish Eric Kineald. Ta’n cur magh shoh soiaghey’n teks sy chummey cheddin as my lioaryn Alice elley—y cummey lioaragh as bree currit da ec Annotated Alice Martin Gardiner—as t’eh gymmydey ny jallooyn ardghooagh liorish y Reejerey John Tenniel. Ta kiare jeu shoh jeant er aght er lheh da’n çhyndaays Gailckagh: ta’n lipaid er boteil Alice gra “IU MEE”, as ta’n lipaid er edd yn Eddeyder gra “Syn ’Assan shoh 10/6”.

Lewis Carroll is a pen-name: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was the author’s real name and he was lecturer in Mathematics in Christ Church, Oxford. Dodgson began the story on 4 July 1862, when he took a journey in a rowing boat on the river Thames in Oxford together with the Reverend Robinson Duckworth, with Alice Liddell (ten years of age) the daughter of the Dean of Christ Church, and with her two sisters, Lorina (thirteen years of age), and Edith (eight years of age). As is clear from the poem at the beginning of the book, the three girls asked Dodgson for a story and reluctantly at first he began to tell the first version of the story to them. There are many half-hidden references made to the five of them throughout the text of the book itself, which was published finally in 1865.

This is the third edition of Brian Stowell’s translation into Manx. The first appeared in 1990; the second in 2006 under the title Ealish ayns Çheer ny Yindyssyn, with illustrations by Eric Kineald. The present edition sets the text in the same style as my other Alice books—the book design inspired by Martin Gardiner’s Annotated Alice—and uses the famous illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. Four of these have been localized for the Manx translation: the label on Alice’s bottle says “IU MEE”, and the tag on the Hatter’s hat says “Syn ’Assan shoh 10/6”.

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