Apr 03

Today I was looking at some pretty old documents and was not sure what they’d been created in or how to open them. I fired up Classic and tried opening them in ClarisWorks, MacWritePro, and MacWrite II. No luck. I wondered about the filetype… so I opened ResEdit (it’s been a long time since I did that). Back in the Old Days, you see, Mac documents had a Creator Type and a File Type. I found that the File Type and Creator Type were PWWC and OBOB. I googled PWWC and found nothing. But OBOB looked familiar… I opened ClarisWorks and created a new document, then opened that with ResEdit. It turns out that a ClarisWorks word-processing document for instance, has a File Type CWWP, and the Creator Type is BOBO. and so, somehow, these documents had gone Through the Looking-Glass. Changing them back worked a dream. I thought I’d blog it in case anyone else ever needed to google for PWWC and OBOB.

I am of course updating the document to Pages ’09.

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